Rejuvenating Frankincense Facial – For Mature / All skin types. Working on minimising the signs of ageing. Helping to hydrate, regenerate and restore skin’s natural radiance.

Rehydrating Rose Facial – For Normal / Dehydrated skin. Naturally rehydrating, cooling and anti-inflammatory. Perfect ingredients for enhancing moisture and radiance.

Nourishing Orange Flower Facial – For Dry skin. Excellent skin nourishing treatment. Helps combat wrinkles, boosts skin’s elasticity and protects against premature ageing.

Purifying Palmarose Facial – For Oily / Combination skin. Fantastic to help control oil production. Being naturally antiseptic, it is perfect for those occasional blemishes too.

Perfector Non Surgical Face Lift – A non invasive alternative to a surgical facelift. Builds facial muscles which tightens skin, reduces lines, puffiness and dark circles. A course of 12 treatments is recommended.

12 sessions for the price of 10

Quantum Wave Laser Facial –  Rejuvenating treatment using cold laser technology that is completely non-invasive. Great results for fine lines, broken capillaries, acne prone skin and much more. Courses of treatments are recommended for best results.

12 sessions for the price of 10